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Zeotap recognised by The CDP Instutute as leadinf CDP
Zeotap wins the best data enabling Adexchanger award in 2019
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Better results, less time wasted

Predictive Audiences empowers you to create and apply machine-learned segments to your customer data in just a few clicks. No Data Science support needed.

Data-driven marketing at scale
Increased campaign accuracy and return
Decrease wasted ad spend

Why Predictive Audiences?

The challenge

Traditional rule-based segmentation can lead to inefficiencies and wasted spend, but generating machine-learned audiences needs support from Data Science specialists.

Challenges marketersf face with CDPs
Zeotap's predictive audience solution

The Predictive Audiences solution

Predictive Audiences allows you to apply Recency-Frequency-Monetary (RFM) or Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) models to customer data and activate the segments in a matter of clicks.

Party data extension capability
Activation channels

Using the Customer Intelligence Platform



Seamlessly unify customer data from your current channels and sources into a Single Customer View


Apply RFM and CLV models to your data in just a few clicks using the Predictive Audiences module

Enrich your customer data with Zeotap's third-party data


Zeotap enriches your segments with additional data attributes such as demographics and interests, and applies first-party attributes such as email subscription status or card membership status


Activate your new segments through Zeotap's extensive set of integrations across martech and adtech platforms


The result?

More successful multi-channel campaigns, made quicker and easier for an ambitious marketing team

Trusted by leading brands

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